Commercialisation: Bridging the University-Industry Gap (Citi-REDI, Oct 2019)

'Commercialisation: Bridging the University-Industry Gap' is a research briefing from City-REDI, University of Birmingham. It draws on a project that investigates the rate of spinout creation from UK universities, picking up on the long-held opinion that the UK lags behind the USA in this area. The paper "investigates this long-term, systemic problem of the UK university-industry gap which limits the adoption and diffusion of new technologies".

The project aims to: 

Brunswick Template Agreements

The Brunswick Group has developed a number of template agreements for use between two universities or similar not-for-profit organisations. The aim is to remove the need to spend time on drafting and negotiation in the majority of cases. 

Easy Access IP

Easy Access IP is an international initiative supported by universities and research institutions with the aim of increasing knowledge exchange between the research base and industry, particularly small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). The initiative has the aim of lowering barriers to entry by offering a simplified research licensing agreement.