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Public support for business R&D

The findings of this Evidence Briefing are based on the Enterprise Research Centre paper Public R&D policies and private R&D investment: a survey of the empirical evidence by Dr Bettina Becker. The paper provides a systematic review and critical discussion of research literature on the effectiveness of major public policies in increasing private R&D investment.

Strategies for Sustaining Growth of Income from Knowledge Exchange Across Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UK

This report analyses patterns of and reasons for sustained growth of Knowledge Exchange (KE) income across British HEIs in recent years.

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Why Should the Taxpayer Fund Science & Research?

The UK research base is a wonderful success story. It is a magnet for global talent and investment, a feature of our country that is admired around the world, and a source of wide-ranging economic and social benefits. Earlier achievements and current expertise enable us to live longer, enjoy a secure food chain, create the jobs of tomorrow, and appreciate the rich history on which our society is founded. The research base raises our understanding of ourselves, the planet on which we live and the universe in which our planet was formed.

Unleashing Metro Growth - Final Recommendations of the City Growth Commission

This report, from RSA City Growth Commission, is the result of a 12 month independent inquiry into how best to enable the UK’s major cities to drive growth and respond to the fiscal and economic challenges of the future.

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World Corporate Top R&D Investors: Innovation and IP bundles

This report looks at the innovative output of world’s top Research and Development (R&D) investors using patents and trademarks as proxy indicators. Essentially descriptive in nature, the study presents statistics about the patent portfolio of companies, and their trademark strategies to launch new products, and looks at the extent to which companies bundle these two forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to protect and appropriate the returns of their knowledge-based assets.

The 2014 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard

The 2014 "EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard" (the Scoreboard) contains economic and financial data for the world's top 2500 companies ranked by their investments in Research and Development (R&D). The sample contains 633 companies based in the EU and 1867 companies based elsewhere. The Scoreboard data are drawn from the latest available companies' accounts, i.e. usually the fiscal year 2013/14.

Patterns and Trends in Higher Education

The Patterns and Trends series presents annual statistical data about the sector in the context of the trends of the previous decade.  The picture presented by this year’s report, which focuses on academic year 2012-12, is of a sector at the beginning of a significant period of change.  2012-13 was the first year of the new undergraduate funding regime, which in part contributed to a decline of 6.3% in student enrolment.  While growth is expected to return after 2012-13, this dip illustrates the ongoing need for the sector to demonstrate its value to prospective students.

Academic-Industry Patent Licensing: up to $1.18 Trillion contributed to U.S. Economy Since 1996

A study commissioned by the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) documents the significant impact academic technology transfer makes on the U.S. economy.

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