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Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy & Society: Innovation, networks and knowledge exchange

This article explores recent developments across the global economy which have put increasing emphasis on economic activity based on knowledge and innovation, reflected in public policy towards universities and the approach of government —at national, regional and international level—towards both innovation policy and the formulation and promotion of national and regional economic strategies. 

The Role of In-house Intermediaries in Innovation Management

The transfer of technologies from other industries into a company's product development can significantly increase its innovative strength. In order to successfully identify new technology suppliers and include them into a technology receiver's product, an intermediary can support both sides in the transfer process. In this paper it is examined how technology transfer can be optimized with the focus on the interaction between an in-house intermediary and the research and development departments of an automobile manufacturer.

Learning in university technology transfer offices: transactions-focused and relations-focused approaches to commercialization of academic research

This article looks at how Technology Transfer Office directors play a key role in enabling learning the relations-focused practice.