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What is KEC?

Knowledge exchange and commercialisation (KEC) includes activities variously known as knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, technology transfer, knowledge exchange and commercialisation - activities designed to help research outcomes of public sector research establishments and universities achieve impact.

UUK and PraxisAuril KEC Factsheet

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What do KEC practitioners do?

KEC practitioners work to identify opportunities, often but not always commercial in nature, to enable research to translate into impact. This involves activities such as identifying and setting an IP strategy, securing patents, raising finance, negotiating licenses, drafting and negotiating contracts, securing strategic partnerships with external sponsors/industry contacts/other research institutes, identifying and securing collaborative research opportunities, forming spin-out companies and new ventures, managing consultancy and CPD contracts, marketing knowledge exchange opportunities and building strategic relationships at all levels. Learn more about what KEC professionals do.

Why does KEC matter?

KEC delivers significant social and economic benefits to the UK. See our Advocacy pages for more information on why KEC matters.

Why are you called PraxisAuril?

PraxisAuril was formed in 2017 from the merger of PraxisUnico and Auril; Prior to that PraxisUnico came about in 2009 from the merger of Praxis, a training company for technology transfer professionals, and Unico, which represented the interests of university companies.