PraxisAuril's activity is steered by three Committees, which are overseen by its Board. The Board and Portfolios are populated by expert practitioners who are passionate about sharing best practice and volunteer their time to shape the profession. PraxisAuril's success depends upon the enthusiasm and energy of these expert practitioners, who work alongside PraxisAuril's professional staff to design, deliver and inform a broad range of activities in policy, training and conference programme development.

If you would like to become involved with one of our committees, we encourage members to volunteer.


Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee represents the PraxisAuril membership and our organisation's values on matters affecting the knowledge exchange and technology transfer profession. We do this by responding to government and other sector consultations, by engaging with policy makers and influencers at a national and regional level, and by proactively voicing opinion through publications, events and online media. The Committee is one of the largest of PraxisAuril's practitioner committees as it is important for us to represent a broad mix of our membership organisations and their research commercialisation cultures.

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Conference Committees

The Conference Committees are responsible for the design and delivery of the PraxisAuril conferences.  The Conference Committees are formed of some of the most experienced senior staff from several of the leading technology transfer and knowledge exchange organisations in the UK. The Conference Committee members also co-ordinate the conference sessions and recommend speakers and topics.

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Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for the design and delivery of PraxisAuril training courses and materials. The Committee is formed of some of the most experienced senior staff from several of the leading technology/knowledge transfer organisations in the UK and experienced volunteer practitioners lead the training sessions.

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